Performance Boost / Mission Revamp

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There has been a number of performance enhancements added to the server today. We hope that everyone will enjoy increased FPS and the server should run much smoother as a result.

Along with the Gun Store Update, we have re-worked the mission config into different categories. The missions are now in 3 categories:

Capture Missions
Missions where taking out the AI will reward a vehicle or weapons cache.

Assault Missions
Missions such as town invasion or weapon smugglers etc where killing the AI rewards their money, gear and weapon crates.

Mobile Missions

Missions such as hostile helicopters and money shipment where the AI are mobile.

This has been done to make sure that we don’t have 2 missions with mobile AI running at any one time as this seriously dents the server performance.

We hope you enjoy these changes, and as always we welcome your feedback.