Gun Store Update

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The Sunken Village Gun Store and the South Tower Gun Store have both been modified.

Sunken Village has had the building layout improved, with the two broken towers removed and wrecked vehicles relocated to the hillside to provide better performance and allow more tactical approaches. The abandoned shop buildings have been replaced with buildings offering more cover and more windows to shoot from.

The South Tower Gun Store has had the Gun Store building itself replaced to stop teams camping the stairs. A new building have been added, the southerly building has been rotated to give a firing position on the store and the buildings on LZ Connor hill to the south have been removed for better performance. The Gun Store position has been moved from upstairs to be on the ground floor.

All in all, both these Gun Stores are now a lot more dangerous places to be which should make them more exciting and provide much more tension during gameplay.

We hope you enjoy these changes, and as always we welcome your feedback.