About: What Is The No Bullshit Revolution All About?

The gaming world is sadly full of silly little kids that are not mature enough to be in control of a mouse and keyboard let alone be left unattended with a microphone. You have to suffer crappy, laggy, unimaginative servers with either over zealous or non existent admins. Then you’d like to be part of a group but you encounter retarded military structures with ranks and pomp and ceremony… You just want to play and have a good laugh right..?

To try and solve this problem and provide sanctuary from all the bullshit. The No Bullshit Revolution was formed many years ago from a collection of experienced, level headed, competitive gamers who just want to enjoy the time they have for gaming and not have their game time ruined by a load of bullshit. The time has come for the the Revolution to rear its ugly head again so here we are with a brand new Wasteland dedicated server.

The server itself is the result of countless hours of development and features the most advanced version of A3Wasteland with some of the most innovative addons and features from some of the best scripters from the Arma community.

We welcome any like minded individuals to join us to make a few friends and have a good laugh playing on a server that is designed around the wants and needs of our regular players. We do not suffer fools kindly and we look after our own. We encourage suggestions from players as to how they would like their server to run and will gladly implement any ideas we feel will improve the No Bullshit Revolution experience!

Custom Loadouts: How Do I Get One?

Why Have The In-Game Items Changed?



OK, so our friends at Bohemia Interactive Studios have changed their view on our Custom Loadout System and have now decided we need to reduce the in game items we include in our custom loadouts.

We went through all the official channels to get approval in the first place, we gave them the information on the in game items we wanted to include in our custom loadouts and we received written confirmation that this proposal had been approved. We then implemented the system and now 2 weeks later we receive a letter from a senior member of their legal team saying that a junior colleague had approved our application without his consent and it was his view that our loadouts were an infringement to their rules. We have been asked to modify the content of these loadouts and as we value our reputation and respect the game developers rules on monetisation, our loadouts will be modified.

We are no longer able to offer the GL Carrier rig, Suppressor, ARCO scope and Gas Mask. We have decided to remove toxic gas from the server completely anyway due to the bad effect on server performance it has and the number of people that abuse it so losing the gas mask is no great shakes.

This is not an ideal situation as we had a few people sign up for membership and we are now unable to provide all of the items we originally offered. All member that signed up for the original package will be offered a full refund if they do not wish to continue supporting us without all the in game rewards we offered. The details of the revised Community Membership Package are as follows:

Community Membership Details:



Custom Loadout In-Game Items:

Full Ghille Suit (members only – not available in general store)

Bergen Backpack

A VIP reserved slot to allow access when game server is full*

Community Benefits:
Exclusive access to the player stats which are due to become available to members only.
Members only exclusive Teamspeak channels (with admin privileges)
Use of our community squad XML with tag and vehicle logo for those that would like to feel part of our community. This is optional as many players have their own squads already.
A customised community spray with an avatar of your choice (example below).


Community Memberships Are Issued As A Reward To Players That Donate £5.00 (GBP) On A Monthly

Players are reminded that all donations are voluntary and any rewards we give to players are completely at our own discretion and can be removed at any time without notice. Community members are required to follow our server rules the same as any other players and membership does not afford you any special treatment.

* once the system is fully tested and up and running. VIP Reserved slots will give access to all the servers we may provide.

Why Do We Have Memberships?



The idea of the membership system was to try and community fund our Arma 3 project towards moving to our own dedicated server to be in a position to provide more NBR servers for us all to enjoy. The costs of achieving this are upwards of £200 per month, every month. So we decided that if we had 30 members contributing just £5 a month each, then we would make up any shortfall and put the time and effort into the developing the new servers. We are not doing this to make a profit.

We accept that apart from a very, very small group of people who appreciate what we do and are prepared to support us without receiving any in game perks, it is difficult to convince people to be part of what we want to do and make donations to help us improve our wasteland experience for you all.

Proposed Global Rewards System



We take the view that if we are unable to take us where we want to go with this, i.e having a dedicated server providing 3 or 4 different game servers giving the ultimate performance possible, then there is no point doing it at all. We are all or nothing kind of people, no prizes for second place and we want to be the very best end of story.  After all the work that has gone in to getting us this far, we really don’t want to give up and close the server, but now we have had to reduce the contents of our loadouts, Bohemia have now made it very difficult for us to gain the required community funding. Without players willing to chip in a small amount each to support us there will ultimately come a time when the guy that currently pays all the bills can no longer afford to pay for everything for everyone to enjoy for free.

So we have come up with an outline idea that allows us to to play by Bohemia’s new rules and add incentives for people to support us with memberships. The idea, and it is just an idea at this stage, is to try to develop some sort of Global Rewards System that will increase in game perks for every player on the server based on the number of members we have. So people have an incentive to support us with small donations as there is a much more meaningful reward on offer. Here is a very rough example of how this might work (this is just a very rough idea we have cobbled together at this stage and in no way complete, considered or final):

We would strip the default spawn items right back to a pistol and a small backpack, make the max ATM balance limit $500,000, disable the player stats system, make High Value Target trigger limit to $50,000 and set spawn money to $1000. Then when we increase the perks for everyone as we get more members, ie:

5 members = Every player on the server has spawn cash of $3000, Max ATM balance set to $2 million, Basic carrier vest added (no armour).

10 members = Every player gets pawn cash of $5000, Larger backpack, Max ATM Balance $5 million, extra pistol mags, Raise High Value Target trigger to $100,000

15 members = Enable the player stats page for everyone to enjoy again, Spawn with TRG 5.56mm, Tactical helmet

20 members = Every player spawns with GPS, Binoculars and 1x RGO Grenade

25 members = Every player has max ATM balance $10 million, extra TRG mags, scope, Armour vest

30 members = We move to awesome dedicated server and make more NBR servers!

The basic idea is to try and get 15 members to help us cover our current £75 a month costs covered to get us back to having all the in game things we currently provide for free. Then move towards our goal of providing more servers as we get more members helping us out. The above is just a very rough idea right off the top of our heads and would need careful consideration before we implement anything. We would of course value the feedback of any player that has a view on this idea as after all, it is your server and your community and we are only trying to do what is best for everyone that plays with us. As and when we know any more we will of course make an announcement.

Do you have a free Teamspeak server I can use when I play?


No Bullshit Revolution Teamspeak Server address is: nobullshitrevolution.com

You can also use the direct IP:


Donations: Can I Help Out With The Monthly Server Costs?

Our server, website, Teamspeak development and statistics costs are all paid from one guys own pocket. If anyone would like the help out with the server costs they are very welcome to make a voluntary donation to the cause. We are not in this to make money like some other servers, we are doing this to provide a peerless wasteland experience. Anyone wishing to make a donation can do so using the button below:

Map Icons: What Are The Blue Cirlces For?

The blue circles are not capture zones, they indicate towns and areas where players can spawn. If members of your team are located within the area of a blue circle then that town or area will be listed as a respawn point under “Towns” in the respawn menu.

If there are more enemy in the blue circle than there are members of your team then the area will be blocked for you to spawn on until your team has more players than enemy there. The spawn point will still be listed in the respawn menu but it will display how many friendly and how many hostile players are within the circle.

Missions: What Do The Long Red Lines Mean?

When looking at a mission on a map, you sometimes get long red longs coming out of the main big red X with the mission name.  These lines show you where the rogue AI have wandered off to.  The lines point directly to the position of the AI that have gotten separated from the main group.  Why does this happen? The AI is still a bit buggy and they get stuck on rocks and scenery, then they take on a mind of their own and go wandering off.. We can’t explain it, when can only help you understand where you have to look to finish the mission!


Rules: What Are The NBR Server Rules?

We have just 4 general rules on our server.  We are the No Bullshit Revolution and as a result we aim to eliminate the majority of bullshit that ruins your game on other servers. So our rules are designed to promote a friendly but competitive and enjoyable atmosphere.

Rule 1: No Crying

We don’t want to hear that someone looted your body, stole your vehicle or team killed you or didn’t revive you or any of the other silly bullshit people cry about over and over again.

Wasteland is a harsh survival mod and the ruling is protect yourself at all times. Nobody has any right to walk in to any store and buy whatever they like without any opposition. It is Wasteland, Kill or be Killed, end of story. No crying about camping stores. If you are stupid enough to keep spawning in the same place and make it easy for said campers then more fool you. Make a new plan Stan and work out a way to deal with them. Don’t cry about it, you would do the same to them.

Do not cry “CHEATER” every time you wildly spray your Sting 9mm at someone and they don’t die. Anyone with a decent carrier rig can take 10+ sting bullets without dying, and decent helmets can take 3 headshots depending on range and trajectory. The Sting is a spawn weapon and in short it is a pile of shit, don’t accuse someone of using god mode because you “put a full clip in his head and he didn’t die” which we all know is bullshit and didn’t happen. Please watch this video for clarification on this.

If you are dead, then you no longer own any stuff, you’re dead, end of. If you are lucky enough to get back to what was your gear and its still there then you are lucky, if it’s not still there, tough shit, don’t get killed next time.

If you bought a vehicle on this server then it spawns locked, when you get in and out you have the option to lock it. If you don’t lock it and someone takes it then it’s your stupid fault for not locking it. If it is a vehicle you found on the map and you can’t lock it, then you don’t own it so don’t complain if someone else decides they now own it.

If you get Team Killed and you are not revived, then when you respawn you will be given the option to “Punish”. If you choose to punish, the offending player will be warned and if they Team Kill once more they will be stripped of their gear and locked to the independent team.  Team Killing is annoying but it is impossible to police every fool that chooses to Team Kill, the punish system is there for you to deal with it yourself.

It would be nice to think that a Medic wants to help his team but reviving people that have been wounded.  Not every player is a team player, there is no god given right to be revived and no one has signed any contract saying that they have to revive.  The simple solution is to be more careful and don’t get shot!

Rule 2: No Bitching

Nobody wants to read or hear some halfwit abusing other players. If your opinion is that another player is a noob or a fag or a bitch or a dick or whatever. No one is interested in who feels who should suck their dick or kiss their arse etc.  No one is interested in petty arguments over who did what, you stole this, you destroyed that. Keep your silly bullshit smack talk to yourselves. We actively encourage players to have a word or two with someone they killed over direct chat, a little “get some mother fucker” or “have some of that” here and there in those circumstances is perfectly acceptable as we love a fierce competitive edge, but go over the top and you will be leaving. Anyone makes any refernece to anyone’s mum like a 5 year old kid they will get a life ban.

Rule 3: No Trolls

We simply will not tolerate any of the silly bullshit dickhead things that players seem to like doing just to fuck other players off. These things include using voice chat over side channel (we provide a free teamspeak server for everyone to use so there is simply no excuse for side channel voice), shouting, singing or playing music on voice channel after a server restarts, writing dickhead things on the map during server restarts.  Trolling basically covers anything deemed by us to be deliberately done to irritate to other players. We want men in our revolution not little children.

Rule 4: No Hackusations

If anyone accuses any player of cheating on the server with no evidence, i.e providing a video of the incident with the date and time, or we confirm it from the battleye log files that an infringement took place, we are going to ban the accusing player permanently. No exceptions. This rule will be enforced retrospectivley too, if the log files show an accusation no matter how small and we investigate only to find no evidence then a ban will be issued, no questions asked, no correspondance entered in to. End of story. So in short if you even say the word cheat it had better have some substance behind it or you wont be coming back.

Server Info: How Do I find The No Bullshit Revolution A3Wasteland Server?

The server IP is:

Simply search for “NO BULLSHIT” in the server browser.

Server Info: Restarts – When And Why?

Our server needs to restart regularly to help keep everything running smoothly and provide the optimum server performance. A restart removes all the clutter from the unused vehicles, weapons and object from the server database from previous battles and gives a fresh starting point to work from. It also resets the territory system so if one team is dominating territory you get a chance to start from a blank canvas and win back some ground. Also, any destroyed default buildings are refreshed.

The server will automatically every 6 hours

6am // Mid-Day // 6pm //  Midnight (All Times Are GMT)
The timings are designed to define 4 main sessions to help offer more uninterrupted gaming during our peak times.

Morning Session: 6am – Mid-Day

Afternoon Session: Mid-Day – 6pm

Evening Session: 6pm – Midnight


Hardcore Dedication Session: Midnight – 6am


The restarts are for a few reasons, but mainly to keep the server running smoothly by removing unused vehicles items and objects. It also resets the territory system so if one team is dominating territory you get a chance to win back some ground. Also, any destroyed buildings are refreshed.

Thermal Vision: My Tank / Blackfoot / HMG / GMG Doesn’t Have Thermal Vision WTF?

We are dedicated to making our server as even, balanced and enjoyable as possible.  There is nothing even, balanced or enjoyable about getting blown to fuck by some complete cunt 2km above the map in a blackfoot that has thermal vision and can see everything that moves.  There is no skill in it and the same goes for tanks, HMGs and GMGs.  You already have an advantage by, well, having a fecking tank and thus having the superior firepower to ground troops, you don’t need thermal vision to make it any easier for you, what you actually need is some skills! So, thermal vision has been disabled in the interests of balance and also to ensure players that actually have some sort of skill can prevail against some noob that cant aim for shit but has got a 30mm cannon and everyone on the map lit up like a christmas tree.

Vehicles: Licence and Service Options Explained

The vehicle stores on the NBR server gives you lots of options to not only buy new vehicles, but also to Service, License and Sell vehicles you find on the map.


Sell Vehicle:  Exactly what it says on the tin, you will receive 50% of the new sales value of any second hand vehicle you found on the map.

Service Vehicle: If you don’t have a repair kit, or you run out of bullets or are running out of fuel, you can take it to the vehicle store for servicing.  For a small fee, different for each type of vehicle, you can get your vehicle repaired, re-fueled and re-armed!

vehicle_service_cost vehicle_rearmed

License Vehicle: You cannot lock a vehicle you found on the map from the outside to stop people stealing it as you don’t own, you just found it. If you take it to the vehicle store, the dodgy geezer behind the counter will sell you a counterfit log book for it and you will then own the vehicle outright. Once you own the vehicle you can lock the doors and leave it safe, and if some cheeky fucker does jump in and try to drive off, so long as you are standing next to the vehicle, your player menu will give you the option to “Pull” the player from the vehicle and you can get back in what is rightfully yours.

vehicle_cost  vehicle_own  vehcile_lock

Vehicles: Will My Vehicle Still Be There After Server Restart?

The answer is, that if you lock your vehicle before the server restarts then yes, it should still be there after restart. There are of course bugs within the Arma engine that we cannot control, so there may be exceptions to this.  But as a rule locked vehicles stay persistent through a server restart.

Virtual Arsenal: Is It Allowed?


Anyone found using this, or workshop mod or SSPCM will be perm banned. The logs are checked 5 times a day and retrospective bans are issued.