NBR Server Has Been Saved From Closure!

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NBR Members Make Extras Donations To Stop The Server Closing

We came mighty close to calling it a day this month. The server was set to close this Friday, but thanks to a few of our members making extra donations this month to pay the server bills we have been saved from closure.

Going forward we are going to downgrade the server spec slightly to reduce our costs. This will not impact performance in any way as the server we have was purchased with having 5 or 6 servers in mind.  We now plan to have just 2 servers, with the current server staying as it is and adding a new server which will be akin to crack cocaine, i.e an instant and intense arma hit.. watch this space!

If anyone feels they are able to help us out with donations, we would all be most grateful. It is the only way we can continue to operate as the guy that has paid all our bills thus far doesn’t have a money tree growing in his garden!