Opinion Poll

We like to offer our players the chance to tell us what they think, and where possible we will implement changes to the server set up based on popular opinion. Please use this opinion poll feature to have your say on how we run our server. If you have anything else you would like to see added / improved / removed then please use the contact form to let us know.

Should Map Spotting (Enemy Player Markers Shown On Map) Be ON or OFF..?
Do You Like Our New Website?
Should We Remove Repair Kits So That Only Engineers, Repair Trucks, Tool Kits and Service Points Can Repair Wrecked Vehicles?
Should You Lose Your MedKit When You Revive Someone So 1 MedKit = 1 Revive? (You Can Still Heal Yourself And Alive Players Unlimited Times)
What Weapon Should You Spawn With?
To Prevent Mortar And Vehicle Spam Should We Remove Ammo Trucks?
Do You Like The New Day / Night Cycle?
Fatal Headshots Are Better?
Are you Interested In Player Stats?
Would You Prefer a Day/Night Cycle On The Server?
Which Is Your Favourite Gun Store?