We have been having quite a lot of problems with people using god mode on our server, especially Magic, he is a massive cheater and uses god mode all the time. People put a whole clip in to him and he doesn’t die. It is typical of an admin abusing their position and using god mode to cheat…..



Hang on…….

Now we have all made it through puberty and got over the fact that people don’t just die because they came within 500m of you on the server.. Let’s look at the actual facts of the matter shall we?

You have a sting, it has a 30 round clip of 9mm rounds. Magic has a carrier rig and a defender helmet. A carrier rig and a defender helmet have what is know as “armour” properties (it is clearly shown next to the item in the general store when you purchase them). This means that they provide extra protection from damage. The sting doesn’t do very much damage at the best of times, let alone when faced with a plate carrier and combat helmet.

So to sum up: Sting vs Geared Player = Geared Player Win.

If you are still struggling to comprehend this concept and want to keep crying “God Mode” or “Admin Abuse” or “Cheater” or “Health Buffs” or whatever else ignorant, ill-informed, petulant things you have to say, please watch the videos attached. We feel that they will clear up any confusion for you. The more observant of you will notice that Magic isn’t in these videos and the people involved are not server admins.