New Server Issues

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Fine Tuning Of New Server Is Ongoing

Folks, since we launched the new server this week, we have encountered a few teething problems with the performance.  Its a completely new set up and it will take a little time to get everything fine tuned and running smoothly. We were not able to do any testing before launch with many more than 6 people, so we need to monitor things now when the server is full and under load.

We are looking into all the reported issues and will be making changes to the config to try and iron out the problems.  In the meantime we ask that everyone keeps an eye on the server performance and let us know if you see that the performance has got better or got worse so we can judge whether the changes we make have a positive or negative effect.

Rest assured we will be working at this till we reach a satisfactory conclusion, so please stick with it and don’t just leave the server if there is lag without saying anything. If people dont tell us when there are problems. we can’t fix them!