Apex Server Update

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Where’s All My Money Gone..?!?!

Our No Bullshit Wasteland Stratis server has been updated to include the latest Apex content. All the new weapons, vehicles and equipment released with the Arma 3 Apex update are now included on our server.  As a consequence of this update we have had to start with a fresh database which means that all your lovely money has been given to the poor and you will have to set about starting to fill your bank account again! We think this is all good fun and will be a nice challenge to add to the new content. We will be starting again with the stats page too, so its a chance for those that have improved at wasteland after a slow start to rank up their stats and display their true elite status!


Non Apex Related New Features

We have also implemented a huge amount of fixes updates and improvements, a lot of which are behind the scenes engine and code improvements that you won’t particularly notice, but there are some notable new features.  We now have Vehicle Parking and Private Storage.

Vehicle Parking means that you can take a vehicle to the big warehouses marked by purple dots on the map, go inside the building and use the laptop set up there to “park” your vehicle. This means your vehicle will disappear from the server and be saved in the database nice and safe for when you come back to the parking system to retrieve it. There is a parking charge of 10k to retrieve parked vehicles, after all, you can’t expect to go leaving vehicles in secure parking without it costing you!

Private Storage allows you to leave a small amount of items, weapons, ammo, whatever you can fit in really at specified boxes, marked on the map as orange dots. There is no charge for using this system and whatever you leave in one box an be retrieved at any of the other boxes on the map when you decide to get your stuff back.

We hope you enjoy all these lovely new things, there are still a few annoying little outstanding bugs we need to get on top of, but if you find anything not working as it should, please let us know.