Server Security Update

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A lot of work has gone in to securing our server from hackers over the last couple of weeks. We were monitoring the log files up to 5 times a day and issuing anything up to 20 retrospective bans per day to people using hack menus, exploits and cheats. We have now implemented a tighter security system which has seen us go 4 days without one single cheat episode in the log files! We are not saying that our server is now 100% hacker proof as sadly in this world absolutely nothing is, where there is decent people having fun, there is going to be some sad little cunt that wants to ruin it. We do however feel that our server is about as secure as you can get in Arma, so please enjoy!

We have had issues with Battleye kicking people randomly for remoteExec restriction #0. there were problems with people locking their vehicles and unflipping vehicles etc etc. We believe we have fixed these issues for now, so please if you find yourself kicked by Battleye (other than for client not responding), let us know via the contact page on this website.

As a result of these changes, and new routines from Battleye themselves, our server will no longer accept any player joining our server with any kind of unsigned mod running. So if you have issues joining the server then you need to disable all of your mods and if you have any modified files or textures or sounds, these will need to be vanilla to be able to join. We make no apologies for any inconvenience this may cause a few players as we have done it for the greater good of the many.