Server Restart Cycle Changed

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The automatic server restart schedule has been changed.  The restarts will still occur every 4 hours to help keep the server clear of clutter and maintain optimum performance, but the restart timings are now as follows:

4am // 8am // Mid-Day // 4pm // 8pm // Midnight (All Times Are GMT)

We have made these changes to define 4 main sessions to help offer more uninterrupted gaming during our peak times.

Morning Session: 8am – Mid-Day

Afternoon Session: Mid-Day – 4pm

Evening Session: 4pm – 8pm

Late Session: 8pm – Midnight

We also have the

Hardcore Dedication Session: Midnight – 4am

and the

What The Fuck Are You Doing Awake Session: 4am – 8am

We hope you enjoy these changes, and as always we welcome your feedback via the website contact form.