Server Rebuild Complete

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In light of recent performance issues we have been experiencing we have embarked on a major rebuild of the server mechanics. This process has taken over a week to complete and has involved a huge amount of work and testing behind the scenes.

The rebuilt server files went live late last night and we ask that our players please bear with us as the changeover takes place as there are sure to be a few bugs. We may also have to modify the database going forward and this may mean that bases and vehicles will be reset but we will make a decision on this in due course.

Some features have been disabled in the interim as we try to work out how far we can go with things in terms of providing optimum performance. Airdrops are not active currently and mainly the AI missions have been reorganised. There are other minor features that have disappeared for now, but we have left base building as it is for now.

This rebuild has closed quite a few security holes that allowed hackers to ruin the server so we hope that cheats will be very few and far between from now on.

In the meantime we would like everyone to monitor the server performance and look out for anything that isn’t as it should be. We hope that you will notice a marked improvement in the server performance and that the big lag spikes are now a thing of the past!

Please let us know your thoughts and stay safe out there. It’s a war zone.