No Bullshit Wasteland Server - New Revive System

New Revive System

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What Are We Doing?

We took a vote here on the website and the majority of those people that voted said they would like to see a change to the current revive system. So we have implemented a trial period of a new system when reviving people.

You can still heal yourself and team mates unlimited times per Med Kit, but reviving a wounded team mate will now remove your Med Kit from your inventory:

1 Revive = 1 Med Kit

Why Are We Doing It?

Some people probably think this sounds like a crazy idea, but let us explain the thinking behind this idea. The main objective for us is to try and level the playing field for all players, make our server more even and competitive and generally make wasteland a more dangerous place to exist! So to start we are trying to make it harder for a group of players to hold down an area for hours on end because they can revive each other unlimited times. You will now have to be more strategic about which casualties to revive and try to make your Med Kit count. As a consequence smaller groups now have much more of a chance of reclaiming territory from the bigger, more powerful groups.

We also wanted to increase the sense of danger in Wasteland and by making Med Kits a more valuable commodity, it will force more players to take extra time to loot a fresh spawns gear and not just take their money and run. You are most vulnerable when you are looting corpses so players need to be even more cautious in their approach now.

More players will get more confirmed kills on their scores instead of taking out 6 people and only getting one actual kill for it on the scoreboard and it will be harder for top players to rack up huge KD ratios. It will also add a touch more realism to things with players no longer to perform unlimited revives from one little kit, but mainly this is all about evening things up a bit for every player.

What Happens Next?

We will trial this system over the coming weeks and then we will take a vote on whether we keep the system or not, so it will be down to you to decide how things play out. Please give this new system a chance and try to understand the reasons why we are doing it before you go crying your eyes out. You never know, you might actually like it!