Player Stats To Be Removed

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What Are We Doing?

To try and enhance our ability to say thank you to the small number of people that currently help us out with our bills by becoming community members, we will be removing the Player Stats page from public access in the next week or so.  All NBR members will receive password access to the Player Stats linked to their in game GUID.

Why Are We Doing This?

Bohemia made it difficult for us to be able to reward the people that support us so this is one way of making membership seem more worthwhile.  We are also focused on moving to a new dedicated server so we can provide bigger and better wasteland servers, so making memberships just that little bit more rewarding may help us to encourage a few more people to help us out than the 7 people we currently have. We paid for a slots upgrade to increase the slots from 50 to 70 this weekend but it was not a success on the current hardware we have, the server was dog shit laggy and nowhere near the high standards we pride ourselves on.  If we want to grow, then a dedicated server is the only option, and to do that we need help from our players as it costs far too much every month for one person to pay alone.

What Happens Next?

We plan to introduce a Global Rewards Scheme where all players get increased rewards based on the number of members we have. This is not finalised yet, but if we pick up say 10 new members in the next few weeks then we will make the player stats available to every player again.  Details on memberships can be found here