Player Statistics (at last)

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We have today implemented a Beta version of Player Statistics for our Wasteland server. It is a bit of a trial run while we work out how best to design the mechanics behind the scenes and generally see how things run. The list is the top 100 players currently ordered by how much cash they have in the ATM, this is only temporary as the ordering will eventually be done by total kills, but we felt for now that the people with the most money in the bank are likely to have been playing on the server for the longest so we would like give them first opportunity to see how they have been competing as a small reward for server loyalty.

Things will change a bit over the coming days as we tailor and improve the system and once we have everything how we desire then we will advertise the stats on the server itself so all the people that dont bother with our website, unless they want to complain about shit, can have their chance to see their KD.

You can find the No Bullshit Wasteland Server Player Statistics on the “Player Stats” button in the main menu on this website. Or just click here