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We have today added a new feature to the No Bullshit Revolution Wasteland Server. When you get wounded, it is now possible for a team mate to put you in a vehicle and drive you to safety to be revived! We think it is pretty cool and adds a new dimension to the revive function.

All you need to do is drag the player very close to a vehicle, then rotate you you are pointing at the vehicle and “Put Casualty In Vehicle” should appear on the the screen, failing that it will be in the mouse scroll menu. Put the casualty inside, drive off then when you get out there will be an option on your scroll wheel menu to “Eject Casualty”. Your casualty will be put on the ground and you can revive them at your leisure.

You can no longer tow ammo trucks either. Too many people were abusing it to have unlimited ammo while they cruise around in their tank so we have removed to option to tow them completely. If you want an ammo truck you are going to have to drive it somewhere yourself.

We have also attempted a fix for people spawning in without the gear they had when they last left the server, so hopefully there should be no more people spawning in without their vest or backpack. Please keep and eye on this and let us know if you are still having problems.

A while ago we changed the sound clip for the suicide bomb action. So it will no longer shout “Allahu Akbar”, instead it will use a sound clip from a Monty Python file which says “Bring Out Your Dead”. This particular sound clip is synonymous with the No Bullshit Revolution and will warm the hearts of anyone that played Counter Strike Source with us back in the day 🙂 In the interests of balance, to try and lessen the effectiveness of the suicide bomb, we have made beheading someone an instant action instead of taking 4 seconds. This way anyone waiting with a bomb can’t wait till they hear someone beheading them to blow themselves up. If they hesitate wondering if the player is going to behead them or not, there is now no warning so you are beheaded instantly.

There have been a number of other enhancements and improvements behind the scenes that will not be overly noticeable, but the config is more streamlined and optimised so bugs and errors should be reduced.

A couple of reminders to everyone, please have a vote in the opinion polls we put up, we listen to feedback and will make changes accordingly, we do all this for you so its up to you to tell us how you want your server to play out. We will add more questions and answers when we have more time.

Also, anyone caught joining Red or Blue team, seeing where that teams players are, using them as a spawn point, then going Independent and killing them is getting banned plain and simple. Its a shitty thing to do and we have had lots of complaints about it.

Other than that, anyone that enjoys what we provides for us and would like to help us out with the bills can do so via the button below.