More Updates, Tweaks And Improvements.

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We have implemented a load of minor tweaks, bug fixes and improvements to the server. There are too many little things that are not overly noticeable to list, but the main changes are as follows:

Headshots are now fatal – Basically if you are shot in the head then it means instant death and you cannot be revived. Ballistic helmets will absorb damage but depending on range and calibre, if the shot that incapacitates you is a headshot then there will be no option to revive. We feel this will be more interesting, more realistic, and will help players tackle larger groups of enemies where you wound 3 played but the 4th kills you and revives all his buddies. If you can take a couple out stone dead with Headshots then it evens the playing field for smaller groups.

Player scoreboard can now be scrolled – If you hold P to view the scoreboard in game, you can now roll your mouse wheel to see every player on the server. This is particularly hand to see wha side a particular player is on to try and work out how many other enemy is likely to be in the area.

Armour Properties Improved – The general store now shows the Ballistic and Explosive armour properties for vests and helmets. So ballistic armour is resistance to bullets and and explosive armour is resistance to grenades and rockets etc.

FPS and Hit Box optimisations – We have put extra work into optimising the config to provide much better FPS for our players, we hope that you have all noticed an improvement on this. Also, the hit box tracking and damage modifier has been slightly improved so that when you shoot someone, that damage received is more accurate and consistent.

Website Opinion Poll – We do not seem to get many people take the trouble to send us a message with their feedback on the server which is a shame as its your server and you opinion really does count. So we have added a feature to the website when we can post opinion poll questions that you can easily vote on. It only takes one click and we really do listen to what people do an don’t like.

Possible gear despawn fix – We are trying out a possible fix for people’s gear despawning when they relog. It’s not perfect and there are still issues but hopefully people won’t lose their best and pack as often now. Let us know how it works.