More Map Updates

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We have this evening implemented a few more changes to the map and fixed a few little bugs.

Bug Fixes
A few things have been ironed out behind the scenes, but most notably we have fixed the bug where vehicles would spawn in without any ammo after a restart and thanks go to a great guy called AgentRev for that one! We still are working on getting the vehicles to stay locked and the base locker issue, more news as and when we have any.

We have also closed a few loop holes which allowed people to dupe. So hopefully there should be no more idiots duping their gear and making fast cash to waste on jets they cant fly..

Map Changes
We have made a couple of pretty radical changes as we work towards the unique experience we are targeting. Firstly, the more central general store has been relocated to a brand new town called The Old Outpost, just a bit south west of the East Transmitter Tower.

Secondly, and not one for the purists, The Kill Farm as you know it is no more. We have completely rebuilt it with a military base, move the Gun Store out of the awful little hollow it was in and given The Kill Farm Military Base a big fat slice of danger from all angles.

The Stratis Airbase Town that had the central ATM has been deleted completely. It was too much work to reposition all the badly positioned buildings, it all looked odd and out of place anyways so re have replaced the town with The Old Outpost.

ATM Changes
Apart from those major town changes, we have move some ATMs around:

    The ATM from the gas station at Agia Marina is now located up the hill at the Hospital building overlooking the Agia Marina Town.
    The Kill Farm ATM has been moved to Camp Rogain to give more purpose to other capture zones and put distance between your bank account and the Gun Store.
    The central General Store ATM has moved with the store to The Old Outpost.
    The Stratis Airbase Town ATM has been removed leaving 6 ATMs in total.

We really do value your feedback on these changes, we know that people like things to be how they always expect them to be, but sometimes a little change just need a bit of time to get used to. Please let us know your thoughts good bad or indifferent.