Rules: What Are The NBR Server Rules?


We have just 4 general rules on our server.  We are the No Bullshit Revolution and as a result we aim to eliminate the majority of bullshit that ruins your game on other servers. So our rules are designed to promote a friendly but competitive and enjoyable atmosphere.

Rule 1: No Crying

We don’t want to hear that someone looted your body, stole your vehicle or team killed you or didn’t revive you or any of the other silly bullshit people cry about over and over again.

Wasteland is a harsh survival mod and the ruling is protect yourself at all times. Nobody has any right to walk in to any store and buy whatever they like without any opposition. It is Wasteland, Kill or be Killed, end of story. No crying about camping stores. If you are stupid enough to keep spawning in the same place and make it easy for said campers then more fool you. Make a new plan Stan and work out a way to deal with them. Don’t cry about it, you would do the same to them.

Do not cry “CHEATER” every time you wildly spray your Sting 9mm at someone and they don’t die. Anyone with a decent carrier rig can take 10+ sting bullets without dying, and decent helmets can take 3 headshots depending on range and trajectory. The Sting is a spawn weapon and in short it is a pile of shit, don’t accuse someone of using god mode because you “put a full clip in his head and he didn’t die” which we all know is bullshit and didn’t happen. Please watch this video for clarification on this.

If you are dead, then you no longer own any stuff, you’re dead, end of. If you are lucky enough to get back to what was your gear and its still there then you are lucky, if it’s not still there, tough shit, don’t get killed next time.

If you bought a vehicle on this server then it spawns locked, when you get in and out you have the option to lock it. If you don’t lock it and someone takes it then it’s your stupid fault for not locking it. If it is a vehicle you found on the map and you can’t lock it, then you don’t own it so don’t complain if someone else decides they now own it.

If you get Team Killed and you are not revived, then when you respawn you will be given the option to “Punish”. If you choose to punish, the offending player will be warned and if they Team Kill once more they will be stripped of their gear and locked to the independent team.  Team Killing is annoying but it is impossible to police every fool that chooses to Team Kill, the punish system is there for you to deal with it yourself.

It would be nice to think that a Medic wants to help his team but reviving people that have been wounded.  Not every player is a team player, there is no god given right to be revived and no one has signed any contract saying that they have to revive.  The simple solution is to be more careful and don’t get shot!

Rule 2: No Bitching

Nobody wants to read or hear some halfwit abusing other players. If your opinion is that another player is a noob or a fag or a bitch or a dick or whatever. No one is interested in who feels who should suck their dick or kiss their arse etc.  No one is interested in petty arguments over who did what, you stole this, you destroyed that. Keep your silly bullshit smack talk to yourselves. We actively encourage players to have a word or two with someone they killed over direct chat, a little “get some mother fucker” or “have some of that” here and there in those circumstances is perfectly acceptable as we love a fierce competitive edge, but go over the top and you will be leaving. Anyone makes any refernece to anyone’s mum like a 5 year old kid they will get a life ban.

Rule 3: No Trolls

We simply will not tolerate any of the silly bullshit dickhead things that players seem to like doing just to fuck other players off. These things include using voice chat over side channel (we provide a free teamspeak server for everyone to use so there is simply no excuse for side channel voice), shouting, singing or playing music on voice channel after a server restarts, writing dickhead things on the map during server restarts.  Trolling basically covers anything deemed by us to be deliberately done to irritate to other players. We want men in our revolution not little children.

Rule 4: No Hackusations

If anyone accuses any player of cheating on the server with no evidence, i.e providing a video of the incident with the date and time, or we confirm it from the battleye log files that an infringement took place, we are going to ban the accusing player permanently. No exceptions. This rule will be enforced retrospectivley too, if the log files show an accusation no matter how small and we investigate only to find no evidence then a ban will be issued, no questions asked, no correspondance entered in to. End of story. So in short if you even say the word cheat it had better have some substance behind it or you wont be coming back.