Vehicles: Licence and Service Options Explained


The vehicle stores on the NBR server gives you lots of options to not only buy new vehicles, but also to Service, License and Sell vehicles you find on the map.


Sell Vehicle:  Exactly what it says on the tin, you will receive 50% of the new sales value of any second hand vehicle you found on the map.

Service Vehicle: If you don’t have a repair kit, or you run out of bullets or are running out of fuel, you can take it to the vehicle store for servicing.  For a small fee, different for each type of vehicle, you can get your vehicle repaired, re-fueled and re-armed!

vehicle_service_cost vehicle_rearmed

License Vehicle: You cannot lock a vehicle you found on the map from the outside to stop people stealing it as you don’t own, you just found it. If you take it to the vehicle store, the dodgy geezer behind the counter will sell you a counterfit log book for it and you will then own the vehicle outright. Once you own the vehicle you can lock the doors and leave it safe, and if some cheeky fucker does jump in and try to drive off, so long as you are standing next to the vehicle, your player menu will give you the option to “Pull” the player from the vehicle and you can get back in what is rightfully yours.

vehicle_cost  vehicle_own  vehcile_lock