Thermal Vision: My Tank / Blackfoot / HMG / GMG Doesn’t Have Thermal Vision WTF?


We are dedicated to making our server as even, balanced and enjoyable as possible.  There is nothing even, balanced or enjoyable about getting blown to fuck by some complete cunt 2km above the map in a blackfoot that has thermal vision and can see everything that moves.  There is no skill in it and the same goes for tanks, HMGs and GMGs.  You already have an advantage by, well, having a fecking tank and thus having the superior firepower to ground troops, you don’t need thermal vision to make it any easier for you, what you actually need is some skills! So, thermal vision has been disabled in the interests of balance and also to ensure players that actually have some sort of skill can prevail against some noob that cant aim for shit but has got a 30mm cannon and everyone on the map lit up like a christmas tree.