Day / Night Cycle & Vehicle Store Re-structure

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We have listened to the feedback we have received in the opinion polls and we have re-implemented the day / night cycle on the server.

It is quite difficult to get the timings right so we will tinker with how long it takes for darkness to fall over the coming days.

We have added some provisional lighting to key areas on the map, and again we will see how this works out and will make changes as and when we see fit if somewhere is too light or too dark.

We have also reworked the fencing around the eastern vehicle store as too many people think its ok to buy a tigris and sit behind the sandbags with an ammo truck whilst being almost impossible to hit with a titan due to the bag fence. So we have put high level fencing all the way round so it is not now possible to do this.

Moving on from this, we have increased the price of the ammo trucks due to the number of people that think it is funny to park an ammo truck next to a couple of mortars and spam the shit out of everything. We would like to remind people that we class this kind of behavior as trolling so you have been warned 🙂