Combat Log Crackdown

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We have had numerous complaints about people combat logging. This is when a player leaves the server when under fire, or carrying a large amount of money or gear, or using alt+f4 to quit the game when wounded to try and avoid a death on their stats or deny the person that shot them the kill that they deserve or the money their victim was carrying.

In response to these complaints we will now be issuing 24 hour bans to anyone an admin sees combat logging. We will not be issuing bans based on reports from other players at this stage, only if an admin see it in person.

If an admin sees you:

      Disconnect While Wounded Without Suiciding Or Getting Beheaded.


      Leave The Server Whilst Being A High Value Target


    Disconnect When Cornered Or Outnumbered

You will receive a 24 hour ban.

We have a very good core of decent players that dont want to get involved with all the childish shit that goes on with other servers and we are committed to providing a quality wasteland experience for everyone to enjoy.