Admin Abuse

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We are now taking a zero tolerance approach to anyone accusing our admins of cheating, hacking or abusing their powers.

In just the last week we have had one admin accused of abusing powers he doesn’t even have access to. Another is repeatedly accused of using god mode by people that spray their Stings into his ballistic helmet and body armour. Another accused of using powers that don’t even exist to know where everyone is (its called a UAV drone people, anyone can buy one). Same admin accused of teleporting (its called a spawn beacon, anyone can use one, and no, you don’t have to come floating down with your parachute open for 30 seconds like a complete noob for every man and his dog to plainly see, you can open your parachute late to avoid detection, lots of people do it, not just admins) The suicide bomb is not an admin perk, anyone can do it, google is your friend.

Here is an image that was sent to us showing how utterly retarded people can be. The people being accused of cheating were not even admins, never have been admins on this server and there wasn’t even any actual NBR admins online at the time. Yet they still cry admin abuse even though there wasn’t any admins or any abuse. the mind boggles, it really does.

Arma 3 children being retarded.

Please watch the video we have posted under the Cheater! section on this site about how lousy the Sting is against body armour and helmets before you go ranting about admin abuse.

Remember that our admins have thousands of hours of Wasteland experience between them and be aware that some of the admin team were being paid to play PC games competitively before some of you were even born.

If you are still so paranoid that you believe that just because someone is admin and they killed you that they simply have to be a cheat, don’t play on our awesome server anymore, it’s that simple folks.