A Few Mission Tweaks

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We have tweaked the missions on the server to try and enhance the in game experience and also improve the server performance. We have re-introduced the Taliban Roadblock missions where a number of Taliban posing as police officers have set up check points around the map. The Taliban always carry drugs and sometimes can provide a very big score of up to 14 drugs items.

We have also supercharged the Money Hackers mission with a shit load of pretty savage AI and an extra couple of GMG’s for good measure. Hacking the terminal now takes a random amount of time from a minimum of 4 minutes to a maximum of 10 minutes. But the rewards are far greater in that you will receive a minimum of $100,000 for hacking the accounts, and if there are lots of people with fat bank accounts on the server you will receive 5% of every player’s total ATM amount so if there is 10 million in combined ATM accounts its a $500,000 pay day for you!

We have made some other performance related tweaks as follows:

Corpses and vehicle wrecks are now persistent for a minimum of 3 minutes and a maximum of 6 minutes. So if you want to get your gear back you are going to have to get back in there quick!

AI Missions will now have a maximum of 3 missions running at any one time. This is to reduce stress on the server and hopefully give us a performance boost.

The time delays between AI missions have been made bigger so the missions spawn slightly less often.

With the above mission changes, we hope to try and intensify the battles around them. If there are less mission at any one time and they don’t spawn quite so often, if you want the AI money, drugs and gear rewards then the battles should be more concentrated as players have less missions to choose from. That’s the plan anyways, as always we welcome your feedback, but we are trying to make the server more competetive and make getting rerwards more challenging and exciting not make it easier!