1.56 Update And Much More..

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The much anticipated 1.56, or “Eden” update has finally landed. We have been working hard behind the scenes in the lead up to this release to make sure we are as prepared as possible. We managed to get most of the bugs ironed out in pre release testing so we are hopeful there won’t be too many more bugs lurking around. Please keep an eye out for any thing that is not working correctly and let us know. Also be aware that there may be a fair bit of random server restarts in the coming days as we find and fix issues.

Current Known Issues:

Armed vehicles spawn back in after restart with no ammo in them – Fix should be coming for this in the next few days.
Vehicles that were locked before restart are spawning back in unlocked – Unsure on time for fix on this one.
Base lockers do not stay locked after restart – This is a persistence issue linked to the vehicles not being locked. No ETA for a fix im afraid.

New Map Structure

We have been working on some new map layouts to try and tweak the gameplay dynamic and provide our players with as unique experience as possible. Lots of little things have been changed, but the main changes are:

A complete restructure of the Southern Gun Store which has now moved to LZ Connor. The Southern ATM has moved a bit further north to the gas station.

The Sunken Village Gun Store has had a complete rework of all the buildings. It is now a little more defendable and offers more protection from the pesky snipers in the woods!

A new barracks building has appeared to the west of the kill farm, replacing the construction site that was there. The hospital at Agia Marina has been tweaked to be better positioned.

We have ongoing plans to re-work just about all of the buildings on the map. We aim to be completely unique and provide the best wasteland experience possible. So please give us your feedback on the changes we have made so far and we will implement our plans in a small pieces over the next few weeks.

In Game Admins Returning

3 weeks have passed since we removed admin powers from our in game admins. We have still had idiots accusing people of hacking and on a couple of occasions admins were accused of abuse when there wasn’t even anyone with admin powers. Now that everyone has had a chance to come to terms with the idea of Rule 4: NO Hackusations, our in game admins will be returning and everyone needs to be aware that if any player accuses any NBR Admin of admin abuse they will be permanently banned on the spot with no appeal. The admins are here to help you, not to cheat. Our rules are perfectly clear, we made them for a reason and we will now be clamping down hard on any offenders. We are sick of complaints and we are sick of people who continue to break our server rules. Whether you agree with the rules or not, it’s our server and it’s how we want to run our server and if you don’t like it then please find yourself cordially invited to fuck off.

The admin team consists of:

Kung Pao
There will also be remote console admin and as usual we will check the log files on a regular basis to catch anyone trying to cheat or troll.

Here is a couple of aerial shots of the new gun store layouts.